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Quick explanation: This blog will focus on overviews, analysis, and a little bit of opinion on the current trends in online music. There are a bunch of new and interesting web services out there for both musicians and fans alike. Mostly these services are making headway towards a new and radically different music industry, one in which artists are increasingly independent, and the antiquated model of capitalizing on recorded works is quickly be replaced with a more open and free marketplace where artists give away their recordings for free and generate revenue from merchandise sales, live shows, and die-hard fans.

We're going to explore some of these services, write a bit about what is going on in terms of the changing music industry landscape, and how it might affect you, the artist and/or music lover.

Please feel free to leave comments and involve yourself in discussions here. Music 2.0 is a big topic, and while it is generally heading in a positive direction, much remains to be determined regarding where the new music industry will find itself in this modern era of easy access to media and information.

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By Jamie, on Mar 5, 2011 - 19:10
I love music and music websites ! Anybody know of any good ones out there for indy, hardcore, or speed metal??? Thanks in advance!!

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